Our PERSPECTIVE describes how we see, feel and experience our lives. My work is to help you reflect more deeply on your life perspective.

This includes exploring your unique goals, vision, outlook, priorities, and worldview..as well the common Truth that binds them. Through this process, I touch on various facets of life, including health, work, relationships, studies, and spirituality.

We offer a wide variety of PERSPECTIVE clarifying tools, maps, services, consulting products, educational resources, research, and analysis to help you develop your perspective.

Ranjeeth Thunga

The Need

It’s impossible to overestimate the value of a clear perspective. One could say a mature perspective is the very foundation of a fulfilling life.

Yet, few of us have reflected on our perspective. An uncultivated perspective inevitably results in frustration, confusion, suffering, and even violence against others or oneself.

To help you bring forth a clear, mature perspective, I offer the following services:

A. Individual Sessions

I conduct guided self-reflection in the form of relaxed conversation that delves into your perspective with precision and depth.

We’ll touch on some areas, while letting the dialog take its own course, guided by natural curiosity. The conversation is semi-structured and I converse with you as a peer.

After each conversation, I reflect, organize and present a clean, succinct notes and/or map of your perspective. If needed, I directly help organize your work or home environment to reflect your perspective.

Some areas we cover might include:

  • Your Highest Truth, philosophy
  • Tools, exercises, and practices
  • Values, principles, virtues
  • Cleaning, filing, sorting, and organizing
  • Short, medium and long-term goals
  • Strategy for living, working, studying
  • Communications and relationships
  • Technology tools and resources
  • Ideological / geopolitical worldview
  • Design, aesthetic, art, architecture
  • Family, group and environmental culture
  • Life/work challenges and conflicts

B. Group Workshops

I offer in-person, online and offline workshops on a wide variety of topics relevant for cultivating a clearer life perspective.

Some workshops include:

  • Practices – Meditation and Contemplation
  • Metaphysical – Truth, God, Spirit, and Science
  • Conflict – Personal, Interpersonal, and Societal
  • Technology – Tools, Usage, Up-To-Date
  • Planning – Scheduling, Scripts, Task Management
  • Organizing – Files, Inventory, and Ideas
  • Virtues – Forgiveness, Patience, and Compassion
  • Management – Tasks and Projects
  • Learning – Note-taking and Studying
  • Communicating – interpersonal and presentations
  • (and more…)

Ongoing Services

More than anything, consistency is key — there is no silver bullet. Thus, for both sessions and workshops, I offer longer-term subscription packages where we can work together on a 3, 6, or 12 month basis. We also augment this through (fun) assignments to help build your muscle of self-reflection.


Maintaining a peer relationship is sacrosanct with whoever I work with. Also, offering flexible payment options is essential as my work is driven by passion. After exploring various models, I’ve settled on a sliding payment structure, with the following guidelines:

  • For individual sessions, I suggest you pay the equivalent of what you charge (or would charge) for your own time.
  • For group workshops, I suggest that each participant pay the equivalent of what they charge (or would charge) for their own time, divided by three.

If you feel inspired by my higher-level cause for exploring alternatives to violent conflict and war, I invite you to contribute, financially or otherwise, to PerspectiveMapper.org. I will work with you on using your contribution in the most meaningful, transparent way.

Right for you?

Does this work deeply intrigue you? If so (and only if so) do reach out.

If not, or if not right now, feel free to share this work with those who might benefit.

I look forward to working with you.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

For a list of all projects I’m working on, you can visit my personal website ranjeeththunga.com.