The Need for Clear Perspective

A clear life perspective is the foundation of a fulfilling life and productive work. There is nothing more essential.

Most of us however live on impulse, pretense or judgment, without any capacity for self-reflection. We’ve thus never cultivated a clear perspective.

If this describes you, we might be able to help. We offer perspective mapping sessions, workshops, and a subscription program to help you.

Perspective Mapping

It’s impossible to overestimate the value of a clear perspective. To help you achieve this, we offer perspective mapping sessions to help you, your family, or your org unearth, define, and refine your outlook for your life and work. This involves guided reflection that helps you clarify…

  • your goals, objectives, and values
  • your philosophy on life and work
  • your spiritual practices and beliefs
  • your personal and professional relationships
  • your geopolitical worldview
  • your workplace culture
  • your current challenges
  • your chaos and conflicts
  • your core purpose

We work with individuals, teams, and organizations.

Note: We are developing a specialization in aligning perspectives of senior executives / board members within an organization.

Wisdom Workshops

We offer live online and offline workshops on a wide variety of topics relevant for a clear, simple life perspective. These include:

  • Perspective Mapper – Theory and Practice
  • Managing Conflicting Perspectives
  • Creating Life Scripts
  • Using Technology Effectively
  • Preventing Distractions
  • Simple Project Planning
  • Organizing and De-cluttering
  • Self-Reflection and Meditation
  • Daily Journalling
  • Forgiveness, Compassion, and Love
  • Work and Soul
  • Mature and Healthy Communication
  • (and more…)

The Clear, Simple Program

More than anything, consistency is key — there is no silver bullet. Thus, we’re in the process of creating 6, and 12 month packages that help guide you, gently and gracefully, towards a clearer and simpler life perspective.

Our Program is an integrated platform including:

  • Our evolving eCourse
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Questions for Self-Reflection
  • Tools & Resources (added monthly)
  • Email & Chat Hours *
  • Discounts for in-person Workshops/Sessions

Launching in early 2019, we will be offering a 45-DAY PILOT for the program. This will be at no-cost to subscribers. After completion, you are free to continue at cost. If you feel this program isn’t for you, cancel anytime. No obligation.

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